Case Study: My Experience With Origami

Uses of Origami as an Art in the Modern World.

Origami can be done as a hobby by people of any age. Children are creative in nature and thus love participating in the art of origami folding. There are some origami instructions put in place which the folder can choose to follow or commit to its totality. Abusing the origami instructions is common when a person finds it boring as creativity is essential in passing the time and showing creativity. The modern origami instructions are much discouraging the use of glue or paper markings. Origami is used in the modern world under some engineering activities.

The origami paper is colored into different colors to make the end product beautiful and attractive. Origami structures are sophisticated and draw a lot of attention to themselves thus should be used for aesthetic features in the home.

To have the desired end product, the folder has to follow the origami instructions to the letter. Origami folding is an economy by itself. Other young children can also improve their brain-hand cognition thus making them fully developed and creative. So as to enjoy the moments, people challenge each other on who will finish on a sculpture the first and get perceived and declared as the winner and the brightest. Paper is what made the people of the world learn the beautiful art of origami folding.

Thinner and stronger sheet of paper is used in the modern era so as to ensure a sophisticated design and output. Although glue and cuts have been used in designing envelopes; the products are still made with the help of a strict origami instruction procedure.

It is easy for children to make animals as the children are easy to learn and identify different types of animals. For bats could be used as Halloween costume or ancillary costume; young children should be encouraged to make them during this, Halloween, or any other time of the year.

Swans are the first thing that comes into our heads when we think of origami as an art for they have been made and displayed as beautiful animals. As children love pets; their teacher should show them how to make cat origami by following origami instructions and maybe adopt this origami as pets and play with them at home or school. A whale origami is itself a beauty.

Making the sculptures could help one forget their problems at hand, think critically, make an origami instructions and at last derive a solution to the problem at hand. This hobby requires the use of cheap folding paper and following origami instructions which could be sourced from the internet at competitive rates.

As an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, participating in origami challenges and games can help a person deviate and get in the right frame of mind.