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How to Get a Scuba Diving Certificate For you to get the scuba diving certificate the first step is to register for the course with a scuba diving training agency that is certified to train the divers. Certified agency is in charge of promoting the sport and also protecting the marine environment, they also issue the trainees with certified diving certificate. After the student has finished the course they are awarded a certificate that certifies the student as qualified scuba diver. After the diver is certified he will be given the license to go and practice diving and also get the diving equipment. There are different schools which teach these lessons; it is great if you registered with the ones that are close within your locality because this is convenient and saves you time, you would not have to travel long distances for your classes. The different agencies will have different approaches to teaching the scuba diving course, however, the most popular ones will offer courses that are very similar in the training for recreational scuba and therefore they will recognize the efforts of other agencies and accept their qualifications. When you start the course you will first start with theory lessons. During the theory lessons you will be taught the safety precautions and techniques and the basic concepts of scuba diving. The student are taught with video materials, and the different signals that can be used as a means of communication when you are underwater are also taught during the theory classes. During the theory lessons you read textbooks and gain the understanding that is there between the depth and the pressure and you are introduced to the diving equipment.
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The trainee starts to train with the confined water. This is where you get your very first lessons on how to breathe under the water. You are taught on how to use your equipment, and you get to practice resilience and the surfacing skill. The trainer will require proper practice and therefore proper practice have to be allocated for proper practice. The trainee will be given an exam to evaluate and implement what they were taught in the theory and the confined water lessons. The last stage is that you are taken to the open water fields where you will apply the skills taught in the theory and the confined training lessons. The instructor will help you until you be confident to dive on your own. The scuba diva will be exposed to the real local conditions and environment that you will be diving in after the course have been completed. One of the advantages of scuba diving is that the trainee will start to enjoy the underwater scenery. After the final stage and the instructor is satisfied that you have made the right progress in your training, and that you have passed all, the necessary test, the scuba diver is certified with the certificate as an official scuba diver.The Essential Laws of Diving Explained