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Best Rattan Furniture Ideas for an Attractive and Relaxing Home

Rattan is also known as malacca or manila because majority of rattan products are exported from these countries, a close relative of the palm tree, and a type of vine that grows in forests of Southeast Asia. Rattan usually grows in the shape likened to a pole, with one to three inches diameter, possessing the ability to grow up to a hundred feet, and it is considered as a very durable material for making furniture. There are various kinds of rattan furniture like rattan garden tables, rattan dining chairs, rattan dining sets, rattan sofas and daybeds, rattan sofa sets, rattan corner sofa sets, rattan deep seat and lounge chairs, and rattan sun loungers.

As compared to the weaker bamboo pole, rattan has a stronger core and it is more durable and harder to break. Rattan’s solid core with its vertical grains are harvested, cut into small parts and steamed, giving varying shapes, and the outside skin of a rattan pole or the peel is used in binding the furniture joints together. Rattan is usually used in making wicker design furniture pieces, which is an ancient technique used in creating items out of natural materials, wherein they are wet to be easily woven. Rattan is a flexible and lightweight material that is why it is ideal for weaving and in making garden furniture that can be moved around or store easily. Due to the increasing demand for the wicker furniture, polyrattan was made out of polyethylene (PE) which is a type of plastic, very durable and lightweight. Polyrattan requires little maintenance and you can keep in outdoors without fading unlike natural rattan. When cleaning your rattan garden furniture, you need to careful because it doesn’t like to be soaked too much in soapy water, and be sure to dry it very well before using it. Read the labels of outdoor cushions for your rattan dining set or rattan sofa to make sure you clean them correctly. Just to be on the safe side, garden furniture covers must be used if you want to leave your furniture outside for longer periods most especially in winter or any bad weather.

Rattan garden furniture have various designs and features, and polyrattan also look natural that may come in brown, grey, natural or black colors with rougher or smoother surface, and a flat-weave or round-weave options. It is best to purchase a rattan table with a parsole hole and a rattan garden sofa with outdoor cushions also included. When compared to wicker furniture, rattan furniture has a higher score when it comes to durability and versatility. Enjoy and relax with your beautiful garden or patio outdoor rattan furniture.The Best Advice About Furniture I’ve Ever Written

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