Why Your Next Camera Should be Mirrorless

A camera that views images directly through the viewfinder and is capable of accepting interchangeable lenses is known as a mirrorless camera. Technically a smartphone camera and a point and shoot model are also mirrorless, but they lack the ability to control the settings and have fixed lenses. There are also a lot of similarities between mirrorless models and DSLRs, but there are additional advantages when choosing a mirrorless design.

A Compact Option

DSLRs replaced traditional single lens reflex (SLR) cameras because they did not use film and the screen image displayed the photograph instantly. The main problem users experience with a DSLR is the same as its predecessor. The cameras are heavy and bulky and practically impossible to tuck into a jacket pocket or a crowded bag. Mirrorless cameras solve this dilemma because they are much thinner since they do not need to leave room in the body for the mirror.

An Affordable Choice

Mirrorless cameras are almost always cheaper than DSLRs that offer the same level of features. In some instances the price difference is substantial. The affordable mirrorless camera fits into the budget of many more consumers than DSLRs and does not force them to sacrifice any quality.

The Image Display

The viewfinder display in a mirrorless is more accurate than the display on DSLRs. What is seen in their viewfinder is an electronic representation of the actual image. This means it shows exactly what the photograph will look like if any changes are made to the settings. A DSLR only reveals the final image on the digital display once the photograph is taken.

DSLRs are also louder because of the movement of the mirror. The makes a mirrorless camera a great option for people that frequently take pictures in quiet settings. Choosing the best of the options available does take some research. Like any product, there are some models that are better than others. There is a great article that provides a lot of details about one of the best the market has to offer. Reading this article is where anyone thinking about purchasing this type of camera should begin.