Studying abroad is a dream for many people. Exploring other parts of the world to research and learning new cultures is a challenge. In Asia,  Thailand has been known as the one who has the best curriculum. If you are looking for the best school there, there is St Andrews Green Valley. This school is located at Moo 7, Ban Chang-Makham Koo, Ban Chang, Rayong 21130. This school is also known as International School Chonburi.

Studying abroad is not easy. You have to live alone away from your family. However, here are the reasons that will further convince you to study overseas.

1. A Challenge That Must Be Faced

Studying abroad means far outside one’s comfort zone. There is an enormous challenge in it. It’s not easy to live alone in a foreign country, but that’s the fun part of studying abroad.

At first, you might feel hard to leave home, and everyone experiences that. However, as time goes by, there will be many benefits that you will get.

2. Learning a New Culture

When studying abroad, not only knowledge that will be obtained, but also a new culture. Living in a foreign country means many things need to be adjusted. Their lifestyle and procedures are different from your native culture. By studying abroad, you will get a lot of new knowledge and experience.

3. Find new friends

One of the most fun things when starting school is meeting new friends. However, you are not going to find a new friend only, but you will meet people who are raised in different cultures.

4. Better Work

The main goal of study abroad is to get a better job. International-level school graduates are valued more in any part of the world. Your opportunity to get a better job is bigger when you study at world-class universities.

Those are the various reasons why you should study abroad. This opportunity will be a fantastic memory that you will never forget in your entire life.