Attractive Residential Investment with a Touch of Limestone

Natural stone is become the trend to make houses and buildings look more charming. One of the functions is to make it as the floor of the room. Smooth shiny natural stone floors with natural mineral motifs and colors will add dazzling elegance to a room, office or shopping center. Natural stone as the floor has existed for a long time, even as wall material, it was used long before concrete and brick technology existed. however, there are differences in the use of natural stone for walls and floors. Natural stone used as a floor is a type of hard stone made of older rocks. Various types of natural stone for buildings are available at Amber Tiles, one of the most popular motifs is the limestone floor tiles that you can see on this site

Following is an explanation of limestone floor tiles.

Limestone is the softest hard rock. Natural stones formed from shells, ancient fish fossils, corals and calcium that have settled on the seabed that have been pressured with geothermal heat for millions of years. Limestone has a variety of colors such as blue, green, grays, beiges, beige and dark brown, all of them are very popular for the bathroom area. Natural stone flooring material with good quality not only has aesthetic value but has a high property price. The main characteristic of limestone floor tiles is their color, which is dominated by beige tones and natural brown.

In addition to the dominance of beige tones and bright brown colors, limestone floor tiles are one of the colors of natural stone ceramics that are widely used in modern designs because of their timeless appearance. To create a bright atmosphere with a rustic, modern and natural style like this, limestone floor tiles are suitable to combine with other materials such as polished concrete on walls or exposed white bricks that equipped with some wooden furniture as accents, so the room does not look pale and release warm feeling.