Research shows that 1 in 3 millennials experience anxiety about their finances. What about your business? How can you tackle the financial wellness of your company? To discover the most helpful budgeting apps to use this this year and know where you can get the best bitcoin merchant account, just read below.

Best Apps for Budgeting in 2019 & Bitcoin Merchant Account

Thankfully, smartphones can help with this to a great extent. After all, smartphones make up a huge part of modern people’s everyday life and can play a pivotal role in managing how you spend your money.

Of course, working with a trustworthy payment processor is no less important in this regard. Why? It’s simple! Only with a true payment expert, you can be sure to enjoy the most reliable and cheapest merchant services in the industry. So, no matter you’re interested in a bitcoin merchant account or any other payment processing solution, a reputable credit card processing company can help you get only the best for your financial needs.

Here’s a list of 1the best apps to control your finances in 2019:

  • Albert allows managing your financeson your own. Also, it helps you get advice from payment experts. You can connect accounts, plan your saving, and review how you spend.
  • Clarity Money connects your bank accounts, goes through historical data, as well as gets a countdown to your next paycheck.
  • Using the zero-based budget method, EveryDollar makes your budgeting more purposeful.It connects to your bank to import transactions to help you never stay behind your spending. Also, it divides expenses between multiple budget items.
  • Mint, a popular choice, is an extremely inclusive app, which enables managing your finances and controlling your finances with ease.
  • Mobills helps you organize your expenses in categories.
  • Mvelopes enables following cash style budgets and linking to financial accounts without any limit. Also, via classic envelope budgeting, you can keep your regular pending under control.
  • Personal Capital, a robust app offering ease of use, gets linked to various financial accounts to help you budget, track personal wealth, and monitor portfolio performance.
  • PocketGuard canlink bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments to give you a complete understanding of your finances.
  • Prism shows your account balances and bills on the same platform. You can pay right from the app or schedule for payment later.
  • Quicken shows account balances, adds transactions, and synchronizes data across desktop and mobile versions of the app.
  • Santa’s Bag can plan gift ideas, set a budget, track spending, as well as create reports, and track gifts split between many recipients.
  • Simple is a whole bank account that can be used instead of your old checking account. It comes with multiple useful built-in budgeting features.
  • Wally is ideal for those who want to stop a third-party app access to their bank accounts.
  • Previously called “You Need a Budget,” YNAB’s latest additions can directly import transactions from bank accounts. Serving both as an app and a software program, it’s available across multiple platforms.
  • Zelle tracks person-to-person payments without difficulty, as well as sends money from one US bank account to another.

Who doesn’t want to save and budget better? Fortunately, the modern tech world offers a steady stream of apps and tools to help you with this. Just know these apps better and start using them.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker that helps merchants interested in a bitcoin merchant account. He’s just as passionate about his business as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.