If we want to save the planet, we need to start thinking of sustainable ways to conduct business. The greener solutions not only need to be better for the environment, but they also need to be safer for those making use of it. One of the least thought about areas in everyday business which could meet all the requirements for safety and sustainability is racking.

There really is no question about regular maintenance and inspection of current racking systems to ensure the safety of all employees. But, not everyone is thinking about how day to day operations in the warehouse field affects the environment. A series of badly managed warehouse crises in China has highlighted exactly how dangerous the supply chain industry can be for employees and the environment as a whole.

Similar to China, unsustainable and unsafe working conditions in Indonesia have been linked to disastrous environmental events of massive proportions. This trend can also be seen in the USA where large scale pollution in Alaska, Wyoming and North Dakota can be directly linked to businesses operating in the supply chain field. Businesses in these states have also reported the highest fatalities in the work place

States in the USA which provide for sustainable environmental solutions also report a lower number of workplace deaths each year. What many experts have concluded based on statistical evidence is that safer work environments are usually the same work places which implement greener working solutions.

What many people do not realise is that there is in fact a warehousing and racking solutions which better for the environment. For example; when a racking system collapses there is a strong possibility that dangers and harmful chemicals could enter the immediate environment. These chemicals are breathed in by employees and washed into the water system. The effects of this would be far-reaching and could impact the environment for many years.

It is for this reason that regular inspections should be carried out on all warehouse racking systems. During these inspections businesses also have the opportunity to ensure that racking systems in place are used correctly and to its fullest potential. When racking systems are not used correctly, it affects time management in the warehouse which, in turn, results in revenue loss.

Studies have shown that racking systems which are regularly inspected and are used in a safe environment increases the efficiency of the warehouse as a whole. And, a warehouse which runs smoothly and safely has a lower impact on the environment. When warehouses look to the future they need to implement strategies which are sustainable and safe.

There can simply be no corner cutting when it comes to racking systems in businesses. When corners are cut in a effort to get things done faster, people’s lives will be in danger. When Qatar set out the build stadiums for the 2020 World Cup this is exactly what happened and with the world watching thousands of workers placed their lives in danger. To avoid this, there really can be no shortcuts.