5 of the most desirable professions in the digital age

We have entered the digital era significantly. There are a lot of changes that arise due to digital technology that is growing rapidly. Not only makes life easier, the career world is also affected. Yes, the digital world is an easy target for job seekers. If you are looking for the Recruitment Company Bangkok, you can visit the website https://www.criterionasia.com/.

Here are some famous profession in the digital era:

1. Back End Developer. The brain behind a website

This position requires you to understand programming languages ​​and do coding. If you want to work in this position, make sure you have the most sought after skills for the job. These expertise are PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, and Java.

2. Data Scientist

At least, the data scientist has four responsibilities. From analyzing company data, responsible for the quality of company data, conducting research related to data, and analyzing large amounts …

How Student Financing Works in the UK

Before the system was changed in the 1990s, undergraduates were much better-off.  Not only were their tuition fees paid automatically by their local education authority but they also received a means-tested grant to cover their living expenses which didn’t have to be repaid. 

Nowadays, undergraduates apply for a student funding package from the Student Loans Company for their country as soon as they’ve received a confirmed place at a university.  The provision varies in different parts of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland), but students will receive funding from the Loan Company where they reside, irrespective of which part of the UK they study.

Student funding consists of two parts.  The first part is their loan for tuition fees.  This is received by all students no matter their household income and is paid directly to their university.  The UK government has set the threshold for tuition fees at …