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The recent years have observed speedy technological improvements in mobile handsets and applications. Mobile apps have the power to alter customer experience on large covered scale. The future looks extremely stimulating; we have not reached a peak point because market is still premature and pretty much uneven. It is clear we are seeing tremendous growth in mobile apps business, there has been approximately five times increase in customers that spend on consumer & business mobile apps since 2009.

According to a study the annual income from consumer mobiles apps will advance to $52 billion and apps downloads likely to attain more than 66 billion annually by 2016. The maximum of which will be free downloads and revenues increasingly earned from post download opportunities like content subscription virtual item sales. While current stats say post download revenues had surpassed the pay per downloads. The study also said that the apps downloads …

Maintaining the keyboard for some people is quite difficult. Especially for people who use their laptops to play games, this certainly makes the keyboard less durable.

Using a laptop keyboard carelessly can make it damaged. Therefore, it takes several things that must be considered when using the keyboard. Don’t underestimate the little things that you often do use the keyboard.

How to care for a laptop keyboard so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly is a simple thing. But many people don’t pay attention to it and underestimate it, so many laptop keyboards have to be replaced or repaired.

Don’t use the laptop keyboard while playing games

As quoted from https://technik-buddy.de, Many people use their laptops for gaming purposes. However, laptop keyboards are usually very vulnerable to damage when used to play games too often.

This is because playing games require you to press the keyboard repeatedly, and usually …