Today 17/01/2022

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Ecommerce Shopping Online – Magento versus Shopify – What’s best?

Shopify and Magento are popular ecommerce solutions for small to medium businesses with relatively limited resources. Both platforms have their advantages and which one is best for your business depends upon varying factors. Here, we go through some of the more significant points to consider when deciding between the two.

Ease of Use

Both platforms provide a well developed and logical user interface. Shopify provides an all in one solution that is paid for monthly. No need to buy setup and configure a server. From the off it is possible to login and start building your online shop. While the Magento Open Source platform is free, it must be setup and configured on your own hosting plan before shop creation can begin. It takes a higher level of tech knowledge to setup and configure the Magento platform. In comparison Shopify provides an easy to access, quick startup solution which is very good for beginners. Many companies use the popular magento platform and one company , www.kalustofurniture says moving from woo commerce to Magento was the best move they have made.

Counting Costs

Magento demands an above average knowledge of programming skills to get online. If your business does not have those skills at hand it will be necessary to hire a developer. Depending on your goals this could certainly start chewing into the budget. Hiring a Freelancer can provide a budget-friendly way of getting the job done. The cost of hosting can vary quite substantially – Altogether, it can be hard to predict what the total cost will be. For those on a tight budget Shopify provides an ideal solution with monthly fees ranging from under ten to a few hundred dollars (no setup fees). Another comfort, your costs are always predictable.


Both Shopify and Magento have the basic shop functions every ecommerce website needs. Magento has more advanced features available within its core. With Shopify you need to add plugins to get any extended functionality beyond the necessary – Shipping & tax calculations, cart, checkout, product listings, coupons, payment gateway etc. How much you spend on the hosting your Magento website will affect functionality. If you invest in a decent server how many products you add etc should not affect performance. Shopify websites benefit from fully managed hosting which means you never have to worry about that side of things. Shopify provides more payment gateways and does not charge commission for transactions. 

Thinking of the Future

If you need to expand your functionality as your online store takes off Shopify has over a thousand free and paid extensions available. All of which you can be sure are not going to cause any damage to your site. With more than five thousand free and paid extensions, Magento has a lot more available – Whatever you want to achieve in the future it is a lot more likely that Magento will offer it: Especially with regards to more advanced functions. Overall, you are a lot more ‘locked in’ with Shopify, which might not suit your plans in the future.

Generally speaking Magento is used for more complex websites and Shopify is the ‘one size fits all’ solution – Which suits best depends on your short and long term plans.