How can modern technologies ruin your health?

Modern technologies have become a part of our everyday life. We can’t imagine a day without a computer or a smartphone. But this extreme addiction sometimes leads to disastrous consequences. Among them, the doctors single out the following problems:

  1. Blindness; 
  2. Insomnia; 
  3. Frequent headaches;
  4. Bad posture;
  5. Obesity;
  6. Erectile dysfunction, when people have to take Viagra or other pills;

We always think that people who invented modern gadgets are genius. But there is another side of their brilliant minds. We got addicted to these inventions. And the most terrible fact about it is that we sometimes can’t see these terrible consequences. 

The impact of mobile phones and computers

  • The leading problem that is still unsolved.

The vision problem is the most terrible one among others. Scientists and doctors raise the alarm that more and more people are suffering from different illnesses related to their eyes. And the number of children with eyesight problems is constantly increasing. 

What happens when you use gadgets for a long time? In fact, your eyes are getting weak. They get tired easily. You can’t see clearly as it was before. But this is not the only problem. Another side is connected with the inability of concentration. It is reducing when you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet or playing games. A lot of people complain that they feel dryness and irritation in their eyes. And finally, users state that the image becomes blurred.

Then headaches come. Lots of people complain about terrible headaches after using smartphones and computers for a long time.

  • And what about a good night’s sleep?

If you use gadgets before going to bed, it can cause insomnia. The problem is connected with the light coming from the screens. It can change the rhythms of our body and breaks our body clock. It suppresses melatonin production which is necessary for a good sleep.

  • How it impacts human body?

Bad posture is one of the most widespread problems among teenagers and adults. When we sit in front of the monitor we don’t usually pay attention to our position. The same thing is connected to tablets or smartphones. We can lie on the sofa uncomfortably playing a game or talking over the phone with friends. It all leads to changes in bearing that can cause problems with a back and a neck. 

  • Gadgets change significantly psychological state of people.

There are some problems that are even more important. We are talking about the psychological state of a person. After a long period in front of the computer people are becoming more nervous and irritable. This idea was proved by the doctors in the article recently published in The New York Times. 

When you use gadgets in the evening or at night, you can simply forget about the right time to go to bed. It increases the state of nervousness that can lead to insomnia. 

So what we need to do?

Modern technologies are important, but they changed our life greatly. It is difficult to imagine our life without them. We must reduce their usage and if it is impossible, you should:

  1. Make regular pauses, when you work with gadgets.
  2. Spend more time in the open air.
  3. Practice sports.
  4. Take care about your nutrition.
  5. Wherever possible try to avoid gadgets anyway.