The value of the e-commerce market in Poland is constantly growing. We even have the position of growth leader in Central Europe. More and more Poles have access to the Internet and use it willingly. If you plan your own business, you will probably first think about online sales. We have prepared a small “cheat sheet” that will help you make decisions.

E-commerce is a dynamically developing branch of the economy. Online shopping is fast, secure and the range is extremely rich and varied. More and more people are choosing online shopping and giving up visiting stationary stores. Do you run an online store and wonder how to increase sales and generate more revenue? Here are our tips. 

Nowadays, virtually anyone can set up an online store. The most important is the idea – what and why will be on offer and whether you will find customers who want to buy it. 

How to increase sales? 

First of all – think about how users perceive your store. A website tailored to the client’s needs is a recipe for success. If a potential consumer is able to find on your site what they are looking for – it can directly lead to purchase. Of course, it’s worth analyzing the entire purchase path to learn the details. The website is, however, a showcase of your store. If it is not attractive – the user will quickly want to move to another place without even checking the assortment. It is also worth using the services of the most famous store platform – Shopify. 

If you want your online store to succeed and generate profits, it is worth entrusting e-commerce activities to the hands of experienced experts and specialists in this field. So an ideal solution can be an Brand Active Shopify Agency, that can effectively contribute to the success of your online business. It is also a Shopify Partner Agency.  

E-commerce sales – a challenge or a recipe for success? 

If your site is already properly optimized, it is worth adapting its view to display on mobile devices. As you know, approximately 52% of all network traffic is generated by mobile devices. Adapting the site for mobile devices is therefore not only an option, but the foundation of online stores.  

It is also worth remembering a fairly common situation and you should not worry about it. Users often only browse websites in mobile versions to make a purchase later on a computer or laptop. 

Effective e-commerce activities are associated with regularity. It is also worth investing in solutions that increase both store traffic, service quality and usability. Also remember about special offers and rewarding loyal customers – this also has a big impact on sales. Special discounts, promotions, reductions and sales also motivate potential customers to finalize shopping online.