Loft conversions are becoming a popular option for people who need more space but do not want the upheaval and stress of relocating. Depending on the style of the particular conversion you opt for, the costs can be significantly lower than buying a larger property and all the expense that move incurs. Not only is it a lot less stressful, a conversion invariably adds to the value of your property – That said, it’s really no surprise people are opting for conversions.

Which company you choose is can make or break your prize project. While usually the less expensive option, we are still talking about a good sized investment. It can be difficult to know where to begin and above all, the right questions to ask. Here are five important things you should consider before making a choice.

Making your Money Work

To know what you can really get for your money get at least three full and comprehensive quotes. Compare what’s included and see who is offering the best value for money. That said, it is important to also consider the following:

  1. The experience and skill of the tradesmen they use
  2. The quality of materials
  3. Does the quote include VAT?
  4. Watch out for hidden costs!

 Cheapest is not always the best choice. One thing to note is, few include fixtures and fittings, tiling or bathroom furniture etc in the quote. This is normal so include that in your budgeting. 

Reviews and Recommendations

Any loft conversion company worth their salt will have happy clients more than willing to put in a good word. If they don’t, a red flag should be going up. If they do give references follow up. If you are able to actually speak to one of their clients and see their work first hand, this is the best review you could have.

Registered & Insured

There are things that can go wrong. Nothing in life is guaranteed as they say. Make sure any company you consider is registered, legal and insured. The last thing you need is being caught with your roof down! Ask if the company is accredited to any association, the Federation of Master Builders for example is an excellent indication they are working to specific and good standard levels. Many are voluntary, which means you are dealing with a company that chooses to produce better work rather than always looking for the shortest way around – Always a good sign.

Know who you are dealing with

If the quotes and qualifications suit and you feel comfortable going to the next level it’s time to meet the people who will be dealing with your project. While skill and experience are indeed important it is also important to know the person who is going to be in your home and in charge of the team doing the work. If they are outsourcing ensure you know to who and exactly what guarantees and qualifications they have. In short, make sure you know exactly who you are dealing with before signing that contract.