Main Points about Connect Four by Hasbro

Connect Four is a board strategy online game, first marketed in the 1970s by Milton Bradley Company or MB, which has been owned by the American company Hasbro since 1984. Each gamer must develop a winning strategy to be the first to line up 4 discs! In turn, they insert a disc at the top of the grid. They can also eject the pieces from the bottom line and turn the tide of the game. Here are the essential elements to know about Connect 4.

The Rules of the Game

When playing connect four, the aim is to put of four discs of the same color in a straight line on a grid with 6 rows and 7 columns. Each player has 21 discs of one color (usually yellow or red). In turn, the two players place a disc in the column of their choice, it then slides to the lowest possible position in the said column after which it is up to the opponent to play. The winner is the player who first achieves a consecutive alignment (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least four discs of their color. If neither of the two players has made such an alignment while all the squares of the game grid are filled, the game is declared null and void.

Connect 4 Has Been Renewed

Connect Four is still the classic strategy game but something new has been added to it! In the latest online card game version, players choose 2 Mission cards from the pile and keep which model they have to recreate secret. Then, they draw Connect 4 tiles and attempt to replicate the patterns found on their Mission cards. For instance, they have to line up 4 purple tiles, or create a red square, or form an L with yellow tiles. When you have a Tile card with a power symbol, you can perform a special action that can completely change the course of the game. The first player to complete 4 missions wins. It is a fast-action card game that can be taken anywhere on a trip to keep kids occupied! The little players will have the pleasure of playing Connect 4 in a slightly different way, with cards. They choose Connect 4 tile cards from the draw pile and lay them out in front of them to follow the pattern shown on their Mission card. Many grown-ups are also fond of the game.