Agora” was historically the square on the heart of discussion and civic participation of the Greek polis”. As a growing nation, Trinidad and Tobago is confronted with a wide range of social challenges, including disease, poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, and the ¡¥mind drain.¡¦ To be a very nationwide coverage, the Nationwide Science and Technology Policy should tackle issues that affect everybody in society.

Attracting funding from no less than yet another major firm in the global ICT sector: Trinidad and Tobago can offer several investment benefits to potential investors, together with an more and more massive pool of well-trained pc science and software engineering graduates, cheap energy, an open business surroundings, and a convenient Anglophone location in the Americas.

The Amsterdamska award 2016, for a big inventive collaboration in an edited ebook or particular situation in the broad area of science and technology research, was made to Beyond Imported Magic: Essays on Science, Know-how, and Society in Latin America, MIT Press, 2014, edited by Eden Medina, Ivan da Costa Marques & Christina Holmes.

Some consideration must be given to developing collaborative options to common S&T problems within the CARICOM region, given the commonality of problems reminiscent of: S&T knowledge collection; science schooling; funding for S&T projects and programmes; physical, infrastructure; regulatory frameworks for S&T; coordination and organisation of S&T activities; efficiency monitoring and analysis; and environmental safety.

He emphasised that this is a chance to point out that science is relevant to, and at the least implicitly embedded in, any single SDGs He also described the sustainability targets as an opportunity to speak that science is a systematic manner of asking questions so that may be answered with evidence, and such proof can be communicated openly”.