There are many things that can happen at a cafe. The time spent by everyone is not the same. Some spend more time relaxing or working on tasks. There are also those who only buy a glass of coffee to take away and then go on with their activities again.
Whatever the activity and how long people spend at a cafe, there are two important things to underline. The first of course is that the cafe must serve delicious drinks and delicious food. Secondly, the cafe atmosphere should be as comfortable as possible for visitors. Now with shop fitouts Canberra you don’t need to be confused to decorate your cafe, leave this task to Express Fitouts.
For the cafe I designed, I carry an industrial theme that gives a masculine impression. Even though it seems strong and serious, this theme can also provide its own comfort. Well, what distinguishes industrial cafe designs from other designs? Here are some characteristics of the design style at the cafeindustrial.

1. Unfinished Wall or Floor

The walls or floors of a building are usually built with varied materials and coated with finishing. For example by using wall paint or wallpaper walls. Contrary to design in general, industrial design actually emphasizes this unfinished impression as its trademark.
Original material from walls and floors made of concrete or cement and only coated with a colorless coating. This is so that the wall or floor material is durable and durable and easy to clean. I advise you to apply this technique to the wall only and coat the floor with a wood motif. If you want to be more experimental, you can also apply this technique in both: walls and floors.

2. Combination of Metal and Wood

To complement the industrial nuances, you can add elements of furniture and accessories with wood board and metal. Metal materials from iron or steel that look raw and natural wood materials are suitable to be combined with walls or floors with unfinished techniques.
For example in this industrial cafe, I use a table with a table top made of wood and iron legs. Its sturdy shape can give a masculine impression. Besides that, I also chose hanging lamps with similar materials so that the industrial style became thicker.
For wood elements, you can also add it to small items such as baskets to put photo frames for wall decoration. In order to be in line with the theme, you can also use eating and drinking equipment made from wood.

3. Exposed ceilings

Still in line with the unfinished impression of walls and floors, you can also use it on the ceiling. For example iron pipes, poles, and also channels that are left just like that without being covered with layers of plywood, gypsum or the like.
Besides giving a cool industrial impression, ceiling design like this can also save your budget, you know. However, the exposed ceiling like this is certainly not for everyone. If you prefer a closed ceiling, it’s a good idea to keep covering it.

4. Vintage Furniture and Decorations

Finally, after you create an all-industrial room, it’s time to complete the room with furniture and decorations. Besides using metal and wood material, you can add a vintage touch. Especially if you want to create an industrial cafe that is also appealing for female visitors, it’s a good idea to give a little color to it.
For example, you can choose a cream or beige sofa to make the room feel more balanced. In addition, you can add vintage-style wall hangings with feminine colors like pink and cream. Finally, you can also install decorative marquee lights that give the impression of retro and old school.

There are 4 ways you can add elements of industrial style into your room. At present cafe industrial design is more widely used in coffee shops and coworking spaces. What do you think? Is this industrial cafe including your favorite cafe design? Happy designing!