Prospective Of Mobile Applications

The recent years have observed speedy technological improvements in mobile handsets and applications. Mobile apps have the power to alter customer experience on large covered scale. The future looks extremely stimulating; we have not reached a peak point because market is still premature and pretty much uneven. It is clear we are seeing tremendous growth in mobile apps business, there has been approximately five times increase in customers that spend on consumer & business mobile apps since 2009.

According to a study the annual income from consumer mobiles apps will advance to $52 billion and apps downloads likely to attain more than 66 billion annually by 2016. The maximum of which will be free downloads and revenues increasingly earned from post download opportunities like content subscription virtual item sales. While current stats say post download revenues had surpassed the pay per downloads. The study also said that the apps downloads on tablets will account for almost a quarter of total revenue. The Mobile apps development services in the business world have a wonderful future. Managers now see mobiles & apps especially iPhones as tools that increase efficiency, reduce paperwork & costs, and increase profits in ways other big gadgets simply cannot. Company people are increasingly using apps for emails, texts, instant messaging, social networking etc. They are broadening their networks and connecting the employees using smart phones & smart apps. It is observed that iPhones and iPads are distributed by 65 to 80 percent of fortune 500 companies to their employees.

In the future network service providers would recover their outlay in infrastructures through apps market. These companies are initiating the applications concentrated model by presenting high quality application services .The network connectivity & data transfers would be sold only as enablers of various application packages and not the basic offering. There is always a discussion in the apps developer world about the future, especially regarding the technology & tool for developing apps. Like what we are seeing, there has been a conflict to choose between either a native or a web mobile application to develop because each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So the big debate is on what is the best way to sustain; the large number of device choices or the best user experience for our future large apps market. Giants in this field expect the future of mobile apps is web-based and not native. Certainly the developers and organizations are decide what they want and how can they consume the opportunity.

As this article is about Future of mobile apps it would be incomplete without mentioning augmented reality apps. Let’s talk about prospects of mobile apps with augmented reality (AR). AR is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. In simple words it is combination of the real and virtual world, interactive in real-time, and having the scenes registered in 3D. It’s been said that in future the business of augmented reality mobile apps is to have an exponential growth starting from 2014. Most of that revenue will be derived from things like paid application downloads subscription-based services and advertising etc. Most analysts forecast that maximum business would come from augmented reality experience and this would be the primary driver of mobile gaming apps. Not only in mobile games but AR have operations in mobile ads and apps like finding near places, maps, GPS, colour blindness patients, getting information (in terms of graphics) on real-time pictures and videos (like in IPL) and many more useful apps can be created in AR. For now, we can only imagine as to what Augmented Reality will do for mobile apps industry, but it will undeniably be a match winner.

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