Companies that have many branch offices in a wide geographical scope at this time are increasingly looking at SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology. Compared to traditional WAN, SD-WAN offers a series of advantages such as performance, flexibility, and security.

Trends in using Cloud Computing also add challenges for traditional WANs. Besides, traditional WAN users also complain about problems such as complexity and cost. The excellence of SD-WAN is a driving factor for many businesses to adopt it. One survey in 2018 mentioned, business resilience and continuity were the main reasons for the adoption of SD-WAN, together with WAN performance and applications (78%).

There are two ways a company can take to implement SD-WAN technology: building it yourself or submitting it to Managed Service. Both choices have consequences plus and minus factors.

Build Your SD-WAN Network

Building SD-WAN itself means that companies must procure equipment and software, and install it themselves. The company’s IT personnel are then responsible for all aspects of the daily network.

The advantage of doing this is that the company can have full control over its network. Full control can also be a necessity for some companies. Besides, companies also have the freedom to choose their connectivity, technology and vendors that are considered the best (best of breed) to achieve optimal results.

SD-WAN Managed Service

Another alternative is to use Managed Service for the implementation of SD-WAN. In this model, the company hands over the provision of network infrastructure, human resources, monitoring and maintenance to the service provider.

In the Managed Service model, companies can still access the various advantages of SD-WAN relatively quickly compared to having to build their own. Companies with limited IT expertise, such as mid-sized companies, also do not need additional investment to train the IT staff needed. Companies can rely on professional IT staff provided by service providers. In terms of budget, the Managed Service model is also more attractive for companies that want to reduce the cost of capital expenditure

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