Shazam has been one of the most favorite party characters from DC comic. After a few decades, the fans finally come to the cinema to watch the superhero live action movie. Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer have done a great job in bringing the character into the big screen.

Shazam delivers compelling characters, engaging plots and actions, as well as a compelling story that will keep you occupied. Shazam is about a boy named Billy Batson who attained magical superpowers from a dying wizard called “Shazam’. The word “Shazam” is instead a calling than a name. It can be passed on to the one who deserves the power.

Despite of the ill comments from folks before the movie was released, we were confident that DC would nail it. The film is surprisingly successful. This time, DC manages to bring comedy and action in the right portions so that the audiences can clap on the movie results. This this superhero is incredibly funny and anticipated to be a great choice for birthdays. The company San Antonio party characters now has this new superhero. Zachary Levi has done a great casting job to bring up the superhero to live.

The plot emphasizes the search and understanding of his powers and abilities. Freddy, the friend in the foster house, helps him with his findings. The story is complex enough to ignite the appetites of the viewers. It tells us the friendship between Billy and Freddy, Billy’s efforts in finding his missing mom, as well as the antagonist’s spectrum.

Shazam has subplots which also keep us interested in. But it is finally understood why we don’t see Dwayne Johnson play Black Adam in the movie since it will take us away from Shazam original story. So, DC needs to take baby steps to entertain the audiences.

The Shazam movie execution is fantastic. When Billy is still learning about his full potential, he needs to battle against the Seven Deadly Sins and the antagonist. A lot of actions are intense and thrilling but DC spice it up with some humorous activities as well. The movie can be hilarious and brilliant at the same time. The CGI effects are also significant. We didn’t see any awkward movements from all the characters. All looks so real!

Watching this movie make us realize that DC indeed has a bright future. The success of Shazam can help DC to rise with other good movies. DC, which is familiar with darker films, really breaks the habit. You will find a lot of fun stuff here. Not to mention that Shazam party characters are 100% family-friendly so that you don’t need to hesitate to put it on your movie watching list.