Strategies to Frame Before Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

The hosting reseller business is an excellent avenue to earn profits and create a long term revenue stream. The best part of this business is that you don’t need to be a technical expert in hosting or burn a hole in your pocket, purchasing costly infrastructure. All you need to do is purchase a reseller hosting plan from a hosting company, create customized hosting packages and sell them to your clients. In this article, we will share some strategies that you must frame before starting your Hosting Reseller Business.

Before you choose a reseller hosting company, you need a plan and a strategy to help you begin. Here are some tips:

  1. Determine your USP

The success of any business relies on your understanding of where you stand and where you want to go. Do you have any experience with managing web servers? Are you a good salesperson? The answers to such questions will allow you to define where you stand in the reseller hosting market before you begin. It will also help you determine the type of reseller hosting company that you should choose. You would also need to work out your budget per month and the break-even period. Research the market and try to understand what people are looking for from new hosting providers. Look at your competition and try to determine your unique selling proposition (USP).

  1. Focus on the features and NOT the price of the hosting reseller package

While earning profits is the core objective of any business, you should not compromise on the quality of service offered when you start. As a new hosting reseller, users would review you with a critical eye. Hence, you must ensure that you offer the best possible features in the price and service them well. Cheap plans are usually equated as below-par plans, and serious users tend to shy away from them. Try to find the right balance between quality and cost.

  1. Function like a regular company

A hosting reseller is usually a one-man (woman) army. However, clients expect you to work like a regular company that has a dedicated accounts team, customer service team, and a technical team. Hence, you need to get your hands on the best software for billing to help you with your finances. The technical support can be routed to the hosting company while you focus your time on generating business and servicing your existing clients. WHMCS is a good billing software offering you a central place to manage your clients.

  1. You will be as good as the service you offer

Successful hosting reseller business is usually based on some amazing customer service. Hosting is a technical process, and most website owners are not technically trained. Hence, they need assistance regularly for technical issues. If you are always there for them and prompt in addressing their concerns, then your business is likely to grow leaps and bounds.

Summing Up

We did not delve a lot into the technical aspects of starting a reseller hosting business – you have the hosting company to take care of that for you! Follow the tips mentioned above and create a business strategy that is poised to win from the word GO. Good Luck!