Tech Breakthroughs in 2018

Technology is continuously advancing, and at times, we can get distracted by a tech that isn’t exactly changing business or lifestyles as we know it.

As incredible as it is to see iOS app development advance and smartphones having new features, they aren’t revolutionizing anything we currently do or need. Here’s a look at breakthrough technologies that are going to change the way businesses function in 2018.

3D Metal Printing

3D print has been around for many years now but has never served a revolutionary purpose. Being able to 3D print previously was used for hobbyists and designers producing one-off products. In 2018, metal printing is now at an affordable pricing structure where it can begin to roll out for mass producing parts to a reliable level. It works well for both short term and long term practices because business won’t need to store high levels of inventory as the can metal print whenever necessary. It also means not requiring massive warehouses and factories to produce metal.

AI for Business

So far, AI has been a mobile playtoy, for users to ask their phone and hub question and receive accurate answers. But now AI has advanced in the business world, and with machine learning, businesses can use applications that are continually developing themselves and can begin to advise employees on best practice based on other people work. AI can also scan data and determine what is useful to the business’s needs.

Babel-Fish Earbuds

Google has created earbuds that offer users real-time translations so that you can have a conversation with someone speaking another language and your phone will instantly translate it through your earphones. Though it’s a revolutionary tech to help with language barriers in business, it won’t inspire more people to learn new languages.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Internet privacy has always been a concern in the bad of peoples minds. Giving your details away to websites so they can learn if you are over 18, eligible for a loan or even medical information is always delicate data, but with the Zero Knowledge tool, you’ll be able to make any enquire without disclosing anything on a website. It’s a cryptographic protocol that has been in the making for decades, and mean all your info is stored in one place, and details are found out in a completely different manner.

Though the work from app developers in London and the rest of the world is still valued it’s excellent to see advanced being explored from all avenues and some real business changes are going to occur by the end of 2018.