The Magic of Experimentation through Wulffwinding

After purchasing all kinds of sculptures from Wulffwinding, I could not quite figure out how I wanted them to look on my walls. Being my first time, I wanted to experiment in the world of design. I was quite confused about it because even mounting was a big challenge for me. I wanted them to look perfect on my walls and match with the painting so as to make my walls not only vivid but also dynamic.

So I decided to first place them randomly in different positions but I wasn’t quite feeling it yet. I looked online from different websites on how to decorate my walls and finally it came to me. Nothing would be perfect at first but through experimenting and switching positions, I finally sat down and watched the magic unveil right in front of my eyes.

The magic of experimentation is what gives me a few tips on the guidelines that you can follow when placing sculptures on your wall. Here are some few.

1.      Consider size of the sculpture.

Depending on how big or small your sculpture might be, it is important to place it in a position that will not seem overcrowded. For instance, looking at a sculpture like clout, it is advisable for you not to place it on a wall that is full of other drawings and paintings.

For you to make people recognise it, place it on a wall that is less crowded because of its big size.  Placing big sculptures near a corner too would be a recommendable step to use.

2.      Consider the colours of your walls

Walls are painted differently in different apartments. You can find a living room painted grey, a kitchen painted orange and the corridors painted cream. Depending on how the wall is painted, choose a sculpture that blends well with the wall so as to make the wall exclusive.

Too many colours on the wall only express a lack of attention. Looking at so many colours at one spot would not help you achieve the uniqueness but would show exaggerations. We don’t want our guests to think that we tried so hard. The aim is to express simplicity through what we display on our walls. Therefore, choose colours of sculptures according to the colour of your wall.

3.      Consider placing small sculptures together

Sculptures like Gemini have been discovered to fit better together as twins than just one piece. Hanged either staggered or parallel, Gemini helps you create symmetric and asymmetric variations. Placing them some few distances from the wall would enhance the effect of light and shadows.

Also, Xox sculptures look better when placed in pairs of five together. Placing 3 Xox brushed brass inverted, 1 Xox brushed brass regular and 1 oak nature regular, would leave your walls looking stunning. Feel free to keep on twisting the small sculptures so that they can look more exciting.

4.      Consider the shape and patterns of the sculptures

For small sculptures like oxo and zeppelin, combining them to form the eye shape would make an elegant sculpture on a wall.  Combining different shapes too gives you an amazing look that you would have never thought of. This is the magic of experimentation that gave me the look I was yearning for.

For instance, by hanging two zeppelin side by side, you would get an exciting perfect square. Inverting one Gemini against the other placed side by side would make the two pieces look as if its one therefore capturing the attention of its audience more.

5.      Consider mixing different material

Different material of sculptures ranging from oiled oak nature zink and brushes brass could be combined to show the diversity of Wulffwinding designs. These materials combined would bring elegance on your walls as they work hand in hand to achieve sophistication. This is because the sculptures are designed to complement each other.

Therefore, do not be intimidated to experiment differently for it’s definitely worth it. Be open minded in this exercise and let your sculptures express what you feel.