The perfect dining room

What if your home is small and you can not have an entire room just for your dining table and chairs. There are always easy and affordable solutions to help you create a beautiful place to enjoy your food along with loved ones.

Round or rectangular table

In order to pick the right table, remember that from the chair up to the wall there should be a minimum space of 60 cm, so as not to interfere with the movement around the dining area when sitting in the chair. An easy way to get it right is to lay a sheet on the floor folded into the dimension of the dining room you have chosen. Place it on the floor leaving the 60cm margin around to get a better feel of the space it will be occupied with.

If you have enough space, choose a rectangular table. However, if your space is limited then a round table is a better choice. Be aware that the round table has a central leg to hold more chairs if necessary. Do not choose it if you want a dining table for many people because it will be harder to access the dishes at the center.


If even your kitchen is too small and there is not one table for two, then hang a tilting surface on the wall and hang folding chairs on the wall hangers. Dining furniture will be transformed into decorative elements of the wall every time you finish your meal.

A bench is also a great solution for small spaces. For even more space saving you can place a rectangular table and place the bench instead of the chairs.

Industrial style

This year’s trend is the tables with a wooden surface and metal legs. You can choose a base in black for industrial look or white for more fashionable results.

Glass table

Glass tables are ideal if you have limited space. In a glass dining table, you should place chairs with a pattern on the fabric or change the fabric to what you already have. The fabric of the chairs will automatically become the perfect decorative element of the dining room under the transparent glass. Dare to put different chairs together in the same dining room. It is very trendy and gives character to your place.

General decoration tips

If you have a simple rectangular table you can very easily and economically turn it into a very nice and expensive dining room. Take wooden gravel boards as they use on the floors or ceilings. All you have to do is screw them on the old surface. Their placement is simply done by clicking on each other.

Plates on the wall

Plates are the main element of a meal. Make them and the central element of the decoration in an original way. Hang the dishes on the wall, paint them, make patterns, use your grandmother’s vintage ones and create a small gallery.

If you want a more colorful wall that precisely delineates the dining area, place a fabric upholstery and nail around various sized pieces of wood in order to create a frame. It will sure look like a great piece of art.


Be sure to find the right lighting for your dining room in order to help you relax. Choose one or two lamps if you have a long dining area and place them at a height of 90-120 cm from the table. You can follow for some great lighting ideas. If you do not pay attention on the lighting, the shadows that will be created, will not allow you have a bright vision of the area.