Good website design should follow the trends. It could be changed each year, or it could be same as the newcomers. What was popular design in 2019?

Bright Colour Palettes

Everywhere is full of bright colour. Seeing the gradient background to animations almost on every website. The colour of the year is Living Coral. The bright blues come to be the perfect option with the flat design to a more vibrant design. How about a palette? It is simple, and you do not need to redesign the website to add the palette element in the design.

  • Playing Emotions Design

Since you have to create connections with users, you may need emotional design. Joy and sadness, fear and anger, trust and disgust, or surprise and anticipation look great in the middle of your content. Taking the movement of movements, and when there is emotion, it makes the users feel the same.

  • Almost Real Elements

Depth and design elements which real or having tactical feel is popular this year. Illustration with a three-dimensional look will be more touching and easily to reach. Good website design Erie PA makes the norm shows with the less VR ish.

  • Animation

It is not a careless animation, but the purposeful one. To get the depth of understanding to users is the goal of having this design.

  • Abstract Design

Sometimes you need to look crazy by creating the more surreal and abstract item in their websites. It grows more users to get the experience. Just go with the back of an emotional connection. Cartoonish nature would be the fresh style to engage. Website design in this theme would be gorgeous.

  • Voice

Design for conversational interfaces is what to introduce this year. Many people using smart devices at home and you have to think about the designs to interact more. Voice commands and how the users interact are the goal. Keywords which the prototype voice would make the whole contents look important.

  • Single Page

Interesting scroll features would keep the users engaged. It works better on smaller devices like a mobile phone. The users will be easy to navigate the menu. No one could skip this website design unless he wants to lose potential customers.

  • The Mainstream

If you love something different, try this design. One of its examples is brutalism. Who says it cannot look pretty? Once you put a bold and stark style, it makes a good impact on your website.

The Flat Design Emulates 3D

A mash-up of 3D realistic will be more interesting. It just like a touch of virtual reality. You do not need anything special for it. The depth layers with animation ar thing that make it works. Call this concept ‘deep flat’. The natural evolution of flat design is in it.

What website design components will keep popular in the next year? In some previous years, vintage design is the winner. Playing with fonts could be the one to try to have too. Before 2019 ends, which one would you like to try?