The eye is the window on the world and the ability of the human eye itself is amazing. But there are many things that the human eye cannot see. Either because the movement is too fast or the color transition is so thin that it is difficult to catch by the human eye.

But technology continues to grow rapidly. Some of them allow us to see something that we cannot see with the visible. Do not believe? Here are 6 advanced technologies that help us see the unseen.

Technology That Helps Us See What’s Not Seen

  1. Thermal Sensors

We can indeed feel the heat, but we cannot see the hot temperatures at all. However, now has started many devices equipped with thermal sensors ie cameras that have the ability of heat seekers. In fact, now thermal sensors already exist in the smartphone.

Well, CAT S60 is claimed as the first smartphone equipped with a built-in thermal sensor. This hot camera search technology used to be used only for military purposes. Lets you see something that is not visible to the eye in the dark through the temperature difference. In other words, CAT S60 you can use to detect the presence of someone in the dark and various other uses.

  1. Prizm Oakley Lens

This Prizm lens brings a very unique technology. Where it can adjust the basic color very precisely, so we can see the world more detail and more life. These lenses are designed to enhance a more amazing vision, experience, especially when outdoors.

  1. Dark Sky

Just by looking at the cloudy sky, it means the rain will fall. With the naked eye, we can only see clouds. But with the Dark Sky app, you can see more clearly in the sky to see flashes of lightning, and various other signs of bad weather. Dark Sky is able to provide you with very accurate weather information and warn you of bad weather.

  1. LifeScanner

When we go adventuring whether it’s a mountain or explore the jungle. We do not know for sure, what organisms live there. Well with Lifescanner, will help you survive from other species that may be dangerous. Whether it is visible to the naked eye or the invisible.

  1. RF-Capture

The ability to see that can penetrate the eye may only belong to a particular superhero. However, with the help of a device called RF-Capture you can see through the wall. RF-Capture developed MIT that can help humans see what’s behind the wall.

This tool will reconstruct the human figure behind the wall through the movement, they do when behind the wall. More or less this tool will throw a sonar signal that is able to show the figure behind the wall.

  1. Soft lens that works like a smartphone

No one can deny that technology has developed so rapidly and rapidly. The technology trend is currently shifting to something that can be used permanently. Samsung has taken such a big step by making an innovative glass.

The company has just authorized its copyright in South Korea for soft lens that can display or project, record, and transmit images directly to the user’s wearer. The cameras and sensors that are inside the soft lens are controlled through one of the most common human motion moves, namely blinking.

To process the data viewed, the embedded antenna delivers content to the smartphone device, just like an external memory.

Samsung’s patented application party explained that their dream of developing this smart soft lens limitations of things that can be done with ordinary glasses.

Amazing, Soft lens It Works like a Camera. This lens lets you experience new and better reality experiences, as images can be sent directly from the eye to the smartphone, and vice versa.
Although a patent has been granted, this does not mean that Samsung will soon launch it as a widely consumable product. But still, this soft lens marks the development of technology that increasingly makes many people amazed.

Incredible is not it? Technological developments can help us see something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The world is full of mystery, maybe it is better we do not see something we should not see. What do you think?