One of the safety gear that needs to be considered when riding a motorcycle is shoes. Of course, shoes used for riding are very different from shoes for hanging out, work and so on.

Shoes for riding are required to have protection and support driving safety. Safe shoes can minimize serious injury if we fall from the motor when driving.

Then what kind of shoes are good for riding?

The following are tips or guidelines for choosing the best shoes that are safe for riding:

Choose Model Boots

Because it is included in the safety gear category, you are required to wear high-heeled boots. This is important so that parts of the ankle and shin area are protected.

Of course, to provide extra protection, you must choose boots with good quality material. It is advisable to choose boots that are made of thick and flexible leather to be able to support leg movements. If you need quality boots you can buy Wheels Clothing. Wheels Clothing provides a variety of cool and strong mens motorbike boots at a pocket-friendly price.

Choose Strong Rubber Soles

Make sure the riding shoes you choose to use rubber sole that is strong and not slippery. Rubber soles with perfectly formed edges can provide stronger traction over slippery roads.

With this material, you will be more comfortable while driving and avoid the risk of slipping when passing a gear. This rule also applies to automatic and motorcycle riders.

It’s better to be sewn

When you leave the store, most riding shoes only stick with glue (the shoe body and rubber soles).

The strength of shoes in glue is not as strong as shoes that are sewn. So, before use, make sure you take the shoe to a shoe expert for sewing so that the connection between the shoe body and the sole becomes stronger.

Keep feet dry

Make sure the shoes you use is stay dry. This can be obtained by the locking feature at the top of the shoe so that water does not enter through the upper gap. Also, choose shoes made of polished leather, nubuck, or suede to keep feet dry.

Moreover, choose shoes that have a lot of locking, especially the top of the shoe, the shin and ankle. The purpose is to make the shoe stuck to the feet.