To support your activities with Tablet and Smartphone devices vendors and third parties also bring a variety of accessories to add value to the user comfortable using Tablet and Smartphone it self devices and can increase the productivity value of the user itself.

Here are some accessories for tablet and Smartphone devices:


  • Screen Protector


Screen Protector or Screen Protector serves to protect the screen layer on Tablet and Smartphone devices so as not to be scratched by sharp objects such as keys, coins and others. Screen Protector can also keep the screen from being exposed to dust or dirt directly so as to minimize the possibility of component damage.


  • Case


Almost the same as Screen Protector, Case also serves as a protector of Tablet and Smartphone devices only Case function is greater that is to protect the whole of the power. In order for your device to fall or be exposed to direct contact with dangerous objects will not directly affect the device but may be protected by the Case. Case also comes in several types of Hard Case, Silicon Case and many more. In addition to functioning to protect the device, some Case can be used as a buffer device Tablet and Smartphone to be placed on a flat field like a table without you always have to hold.


  • Power Bank


For those of you who like to travel apparently this one accessories is a must-have accessory for you. Power Bank functions as an additional energy storage for Smartphone and Tablet devices. So when your device runs out of energy and you are in a place where there is no electrical terminal, Power Bank is the only way to keep the device and still alive and functioning normally. Power Bank comes with a variety of capacities and shapes so you can choose according to your wants and needs.



  • Head Set or Ear Phone


Surely you are very familiar with this one accessory. One of the obligatory accessories that are usually always present in the sales package of Tablet and Smartphone. These headphones or Earphones work to move the sound from the main Speaker so you can still listen to music or watch videos anytime and anywhere without having to fear disturbing the activities of people around you. If you want to buy this Accessories just Visit us