Regardless of what your business is and what it does, and irrespective of the reason you have a website, you would benefit from getting more visitors to your site. Websites are a terrific tool that can be used for a substantial range of reasons, be that raising awareness for your business, capturing data for a CRM database that you can market to later on, selling products or services directly to the public, or raising funds by selling ad space around the edges. Whatever your business model, you will benefit significantly from a greater number of visitors.

One extremely valuable way to get more traffic to your website is to contract the services of an SEO expert. These remarkably astute professionals are able to generate more traffic for your website by improving its performance among the organic search results of Google and, to a lesser extent, the other search engines. They do this by identifying a range of keywords or phrases for which you would like to perform better in the natural listings, and then making changes to the layout and structure of your website such that it becomes more available to the search engines’ algorithms. They also then work to create a greater number of inbound links to the website from other websites which generally perceived by the search engines to be of a high quality and which themselves have content which have relevant germane to the target key phrases.

A large part of the work of search engine marketing follows the test, learn, refine pattern, with small incremental changes made to the website and to its inbound links before its performance is monitored through Google Analytics to understand the effect of the changes made. If the change is shown to have been successful, then it will be amplified or repeated elsewhere on the site. If it has been detrimental to the performance of the website it can be reversed.

Search Engine Optimisation is markedly different to pay per click advertising. The latter involves bidding an agreed amount for each click someone makes on an advert that has appeared on account of them searching for a specific key phrase that you have agreed to bid against. PPC links appear in the sponsored links section of the search results at the very top and down the right-hand side of the page, while the organic listings that are influenced by SEO work appear in the main part of the listings. While SEO can make small incremental changes to the website’s performance that have a cumulative effect over the course of months, PPC can be turned off or on at will and the budget increased or decreased immediately. Many website owners are dubious as to the benefits of running a PPC campaign at the same time as SEO activity, but the two can complement each other terrifically- one providing a short-term fix while the other is still a work in progress. Even after the SEO campaign is seeing results there’s still an argument for being among the PPC results- your competition will be there, possibly bidding against your own brand terms, so you really should be there too.