For years, Ethernet technology has allowed for computers to be linked to other hardware such as printers and scanners to share data. Today, a wireless Ethernet adapter takes it one step further and thanks to it we are able to have different hardware and software sharing information on a LAN network wirelessly anywhere in your home or office.

With wireless Ethernet port adapters, computers and various network devices can be connected on the same network. Users within a certain range on the network can share files and data, connect to the internet and send printing jobs to the same printer. Wireless card Ethernet adaptors also provide a wireless networking solution to gaming consoles and other media sources where you can just plug and play if your device is Ethernet-equipped. Make sure you have an internal PCI Ethernet card in your computer; otherwise you won’t be able to connect to a wired network. If you don’t have one you can go buy one and install it yourself, it isn’t difficult.

If you have a wired Ethernet device or media such as a digital camera and would like to use it on a wireless network, then you will need to buy an adaptor called a wireless Ethernet bridge. You can also get one in the form of a USB or a wireless card for a more compact alternative. If you want to use your wireless Ethernet adapter, such as a best tri band router simply link a network cable to the device you want to use. Make sure that it can be accessed through the network. For example make sure that a printer or a game console can be located on the network. Get a network connection going to the device that you want to use. Once you are sure that everything is in place, simply unplug the network cable, the wireless adapter will take over and the devices should be connected to your computer and working with no problem.

While a wireless Ethernet adaptor facilitates communication among computers in the same network without having numerous cables going back and forth, it is important to keep in mind a few things. The absence of cable in a wireless network means that there is less protection for data being transmitted because the communication uses radio frequencies. The data can then be intercepted and decrypted by any malicious user. So make sure that your security measures are up to par. For example, request usernames and passwords and mount authentification on many network layers. Also, since your computers and hardware are linked wirelessly, there is more risk of disconnection. Finally, be aware that when many users in the same LAN network share the same internet connection or wireless access point, this leads to decreased bandwidth for everybody and lower speed.

Wireless Ethernet adapters are a great way to link up different equipment and devices which might not have USB ports to your local network. You can share photos and videos from cameras and camcorders, play games on your console with other players on the same network, and even send printing jobs to your printer all using wireless technology and no cables!